Breakthrough Coaching

Business professionals, athletes, executives, and entrepreneurs use coaches all the time, why shouldn't you?!  They understand the benefits of expert advice for improving their effectiveness.

Coaching is a powerful partnership that's focused on what's most important to you. It provides practical guidance and genuine support to help you achieve your goals.

Coaching is an investment in your personal and professional growth that benefits all areas of your life. From relationships, to career, to health, and finances, coaching helps all dimensions of your life.

Our clients consistently report the following benefits:

  • Clearer direction and positive momentum.
  • Increased focus, clarity, and confidence.
  • New perspectives and deeper insights.
  • Practical tools and guidance.
  • A trusted and understanding sounding board.
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Classes and Workshops

Our classes and workshops provide new perspectives, practical tools, and deep content to help you accelerate your growth.

Each workshop is designed to be highly participative with a variety of thought-provoking activities. These help attendees gain deeper insights that enable them to experience transformative shifts and personal breakthroughs.

Examples of some of our workshops:

  • Transformational Breakthroughs
  • The Seasons and Cycles of Growth
  • De-stressing with Meditation & Mindfulness
  • The Law of Attraction in Action
  • Creating the Life You REALLY Want

Transforming Your Life

Often we live in an "uncomfortable comfort zone" where we are unhappy but we are too comfortable to change things.  We convince ourselves that where we are is "safe."  We fear the unknown, so we feel trapped or stuck where we are. We see no way out of our dilemma. We feel powerless, frustrated, and scared. Just admitting this to yourself takes a ton of courage.

The Transformational Breakthrough workshop will help you understand what's keeping you stuck and how to break through to create the life you know you were meant to live.

In this workshop, you will see things from new perspectives and realize the way to address your biggest challenges.

This workshop is powerful and highly interactive with practical activities and exercises. You will leave the workshop with a clear outline for achieving your goals.

Our Vision ...

  • Everyone has the potential for greatness.
  • We thrive on unlocking that greatness through unique approaches, practical wisdom, and breakthrough programs.

Our Mission ...

  • Inspiring you to grow personally and professionally.
  • Enabling you to accelerate your transformational growth.
  • Helping you realize your highest goals and visions.
Spirit, Body and Mind,

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